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IMAGINE something different. ENGAGE to make change. EVOLVE what you are. -SR

If you have not had the chance to work with me directly you may not recognize my name, but there is a high likelihood that every day you engage with something that I helped create.

From the backend technology and infrastructure that enables to the data and analytics that justifies, to the experiences that span apps, sites, campaigns, to the complex loyalty platforms and relationships that you interact with, I have been a behind the scenes thought leader driving the marketing industry forward one client at a time.

Because I don’t align to traditional “marketing” archetypes, I have typically fallen into three primary roles throughout my career:

  • Digital Get Things Done Guy – Because I have a diverse background spanning creative, strategic, technical and business roles I look at challenges from all sides of the equation and define solutions that take into account the nuances of each traditionally siloed skill set to break down walls and get things done.
  • Center of Excellence – Combine my broad skill set with experience working with over 300 brands (over half of the Fortune 300 list including 6 out of the top 10), across almost every vertical, country, segment, and target audience. What this means is that I most likely have not only done what you are thinking about doing but probably have done it more than once bringing a tremendous wealth of knowledge to the table.
  • Agent of Change – Part of being the “digital” and “COE” guy is keeping up with trends and understanding what is coming next. My passion and what really defines my unique value proposition is being able to merge all of the historical knowledge above with what tomorrow looks like and help businesses adapt to that vision.

Today my world is split between being the consultant to the consultants supporting big brands with their big problems, working on my personal projects through Rich & Rich, and then translating all of that “9-5” knowledge into actionable insights for startups and others looking to advance their careers by evolving their skillsets. 

Scott Richards

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20 Plus Years

years of professional experience spanning creative, technical and strategic roles working with everyone from fortune 500 behemoths to your friendly neighborhood startup.

Diverse Vertical Experience

Across Some Really Big Brands

Using A Variety Of Skills

**Project requirements by %

Some of my work is most likely already in your pocket!

Work In Your Pocket

Fun Facts


Largest revenue increase directly attributable to a CXS & C+1 consulting engagement for a large travel and hospitality client


Ten year cumulative sales contribution across all B2B product, services and partner engagements


This includes all technical program launches from websites to mobile apps, social apps, tech stacks, and other various products/ platforms

Out of 10

The ratio of fortune 10 clients worked with, including 57 out of the fortune 100 list, over 130 on the fortune 300 list


Number of startups personally founded, established and successfully sold, currently managing a portfolio of many others

The Feed

Skills, Training, Awards, Etc.

Core Skill Set - True End to End Capabilities

  • Brand Development
  • Product Development
  • Customer Experience Planning
  • CRM Planning & Execution
  • Loyalty Program Development
  • Gamification / Behavioral Economics
  • Creative Direction & Design
  • User Experience & Information Architecture
  • Technical Advisement & Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Data Strategy & Measurement Planning
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Media & SEO 
  • Future State Ideation & Current State Assessments

Recent Certifications & Training

  • Adobe AAM
    • Implementation,  Build & Enhance Audiences, Create Web Experiences
  • Adobe AEM
    • Develop Websites & Components
  • Adobe A&R
    • Analysis w/ Workspace, Dynamic Tag Managment, Implementation & Insights
  • Adobe Campaign
    • Orchestrate & Design Campaigns, Manage Workflows
  • Adobe Search Personalized Experiences
  • Adobe Target
    • Delivering Personal Experiences, Optimize Digital Experiences, Automate Personalized Experiences, Personalize Dynamic Content
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional
  • Facebook
    • Ad Core Competencies, Buying Professional, Planning Professional
  • Google
    • Advanced Power Search
    • Analytics (Advanced, Power User, 360)
    • Google Ads (Fundamentals, Display, Mobile, Search, Video)
    • Digital Marketing, Digital Sales, Mobile Sites, Shopping, Website Optimization
    • G-Suite
    •  YouTube (Channel Growth, Content Ownership, Asset Monetization, Content Strategy)
  • Hootsuite
    • Platform, Social Marketing
  • HubSpot
    • Content Marketing, Email marketing, Growth Design, Inbound, Platform, Social Media Marketing

Recent Awards

  • 2018 Silver Cannes Lions – “Battle in the Bone” – Pharma
  • 2018 Silver Cannes Lions – “The World’s Smallest Booth” – Pharma
  • 2018 Bronze Cannes Lions – “TXT 2 Help” – Mobile
  • 2018 Silver Cannes Lions – “Posts Into Letters” – Print & Publishing
  • 2018 Bronze Cannes Lions – “The Rape Tax” – Print & Publishing
  • 2018 Silver Cannes Lions – “Posts Into Letters” – PR
  • 2018 Silver Cannes Lions – “The Rape Tax” – Direct
  • 2018 Bronze Cannes Lions – “Posts Into Letters” – Direct
  • 2018 Bronze Cannes Lions – “The Rape Tax” – Glass Lion for Change
  • 2018 Manny Best Point of Care Campaign – Latruvo 
  • 2018 Manny Best Interactive Physician Campaign – Anti-Trafficking
  • 2018 Manny Agency of the Year – Area23
  • 2018 Manny Most Admired Agency – Area23
  • 2018 Manny Most Creative Agency – Area23
  • 2018 DTC Best Digital Multicultural Campaign – Gilead HepBSmart
  • 2016 Mobile Excellence Award – Capital One Mobile Application
  • 2015 Global Mobile Award – Citi Thank You Mobile Application
  • 2014 Colloquy Recognition Award – Dunkin Donuts Perks Program
  • 2013 Social Media Leadership Award – Dell’s Net Promoter Score Platform
  • 2012 Echo Award – Kraft Samplicious Platform

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